Flexible Funding

What does that mean?

1. Always get the money you raised
2. Make all the changes you need on the way
3. Get the funding you need in every stage of your business

Total Control

Everything you need to get your business funded


Have the widget on your own website the way you want and need

Set & Create

Communicate and raise the money you need in every stage of your business


Follow the steps provided to convert your fans to the funding you need

Getting started

What does that take?

1. Business & content check
2. Technique & project setup
3. Secure payment activation


Our promises

Project setup

Help with completing the requirements to get your campaign started

Expert review

One time expert review of your project description & rewards included

Backer management

Weekly overview of all your supporters and their selected rewards during campaign

Need help?

Call with our expert

1. Know what you need to get started
2. Quick start to convert your energy to action
3. Save review time to launch your project


Reach out


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