Total campaign investment

Flexible fee 5%

The money you will eventually get is minus our flexible fee. Our fee is 5% over the funding you raised. The due date of the setup payments are before the launch of your campaign. The flexible fee will be calculated after closing down your campaign.

Setup €250,-

The investment is €250,- for setting up the technique (setup). The project setup will start after a succesful check of your company registration and after the payment mentioned above has been fulfilled.

Read more about the project setup here.

Onboarding €250,-

The investment is €250,- for setting up the content of your project (onboarding). The project onboarding will start after a successful registration of the project setup and after that payment of also €250,- has been fulfilled. The payment for the project onboarding has to be fulfilled in order to officially launch of your project.

Read more about the project onboarding here.



Getting started

What does that take?

1. Business & content check
2. Technique & project setup
3. Secure payment activation

Our services

What to expect?

Tailor made tool

Tool that follows your business strategy and campaign needs

Flexible funding

Raise the money you need in every stage of your business

Expert support

Help and guidance in making a good start with your funding progress

Need help?

Call with our expert

1. Know what you need to get started
2. Quick start to convert your energy to action
3. Save review time to launch your project


Reach out


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