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1. Business & content check
2. Technique & project setup
3. Secure payment activation

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Business check

In order to launch a project you need an official registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and a VAT number. This can be either a company or a foundation. You also need a website to integrate with the technique. This can either be an existing website or a new hosting.

Request form

We check the requirements for your business/project plan with our setup form in order to successfully setup your project with our technique. You need a clear description of your business/project goals, what you will be selling and why this way of getting funded is needed. We can help you out with your description in the setup phase of your project

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Do you already have a website? And what about your policies? Do you need extra help with integrating our technique? Do you need a project manager that advices you on what to do (next) during your campaign?



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You need to set a clear target of the money that is needed in order to reach the next level of your business/project. Also provide us with the way you want to get funded (donation, reward and/or pre-sale based campaign). Last but not least we also recommend you to set at least one deadline connected to your goal(s).


We need your official registration at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) as an excerpt together with your VAT number, a verification of your bank account and a copy of the project/business shareholders passport(s). This way we can activate and integrate the technique of our Payment Service Provider. Last but not least you need to generate a privacy policy and set the terms and conditions for your sales channel (website)

Contact details

In order to succesfully setup your project you need a main contact person in your business/project team that wil be responsible for all communications who can also be reached out to by either us or your (potential) customers. This person will also be presented as so.



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You need a clear description of your company/project goals, what you will be selling and why this way of getting funded is needed in order to reach the next level of your business/project. We can help you out with your description, but you will always be in the lead. This means you will deliver information and we will provide you with feedback.


You need a clear description of every indivual product, service or gift you will be selling, providing, presenting, sharing or sending out in return for the money your raising. Each of these ‘returns on investment’ need a title, visual, price and a clear label to showcase this is either donation, (pre)sale or reward based ‘return’.


Make sure your (potential) customers can read about your project & strenghts and why this project should happen. To back this information you need to set milestones in order to showcase what will happen when a goal is reached. Last but not least make sure there’s time scheduled for updates during your campaign

Wrap up

Provide us with your preferred thank you, confirmation of support and redirection of your customers. This is for the auto emails the technique will be sending out, the provided social sharing possibilities and the final conversion of your website integration.



Our promises

Project setup

Help with completing the requirements to get your campaign started

Expert review

One time expert review of your project description & rewards included

Backer management

Weekly overview of all your supporters and their selected rewards during campaign

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1. Know what you need to get started
2. Quick start to convert your energy to action
3. Save review time to launch your project


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